3D Motion Capture reveals the secrets of the Pros. How do they hit the ball so far and straight? It's not because of their equipment.

Striking the ball well is about more than just having a good looking swing. What do you think is more relevant? The style of your swing (the look of it) or the efficiency (the effectiveness). Obviously, the efficiency, right?

Example of Efficiency Sequence Graph

I know what you're thinking. This chart looks complicated, right? It is until you understand what you're looking at. Bear with me, and you will be an expert by the end of this.

This graph shows speed in rotational degrees per second. Negative is the backswing, and the point that the line crosses zero is when the body part changes direction. The change of direction or "transition" is one of the most crucial skill level indicators in golfers and other rotational athletes.

An efficient takeaway is when the club moves first, followed by arms, torso, then hips in a 4-3-2-1 sequence. This puts you in a fantastic position at the top of the backswing. Most people let their hips and shoulders turn way too quickly during their backswing.

An efficient transition starts from the ground up. What does that mean? Simply put, the first part of your body to change directions should be your hips, followed by torso, arm, then club in a 1-2-3-4 sequence. Most of us start in a near opposite sequence which causes an inconsistent swing and a lack of power.

The last sequence I will talk about is the most important for delivering your rotational speed to the ball as effectively as possible. It's called a "Peak Speed Sequence", I consider it the brakes of your swing because it shows when your body starts to slow down.

To pick up speed efficiently, you must apply your "brakes" from the ground up. As your hips brake, their speed transfers to your torso, and when your torso brakes it transfers to your arms. Finally, when your arms brake, all the built-up speed transfers into the club which delivers it directly into the golf ball.

In summary, your takeaway should follow a 4-3-2-1 sequence while your transition and speed sequence should be the exact opposite at 1-2-3-4.

Now you realize it's not that important to see your swing on video. And you shouldn't make a judgment based on what your swing looks like or what your friends' say works for them. There's more to it than that. If you're serious about improving your swing you need to use 3D Motion Capture and the efficiency sequence to decide what will truly help your golf game.

Signs you have an inefficient swing that's costing you on the golf course and taking a toll on your body.

  • Your Swing lacks power and accuracy
  • The driver is the worst club in your bag
  • Your ball often slices and ends up off-target
  • You make contact all over the clubface causing errant shots and no consistency
  • If you suffer from back pain during your round
  • You struggle with hitting the ground behind the ball
  • Inconsistent to point where one swing you hit a great shot then you follow it by a big miss

If you don't measure it's just a guess!

You wouldn't go to a doctor who performed surgery before getting an MRI and an X-ray along with a litany of other tests.

Why you would make a change in your golf swing without first assessing and prioritizing what needs to change?

Our process starts with a movement screen, swing efficiency analysis, short game assessment, and a putting skills test. Once we have the complete picture, it's easy to prioritize swing changes and ensure fast progress working on what matters most.

Why should you trust us with this important step?

We use the best technology (click the link to learn more) in golf! Before your first lesson, we take steps to analyze your game (body movements, full swing, short game, putting) to determine the right lesson plan for you. We gather facts from Trackman, 3D Motion Capture, and high-speed video cameras. This way, we never have to guess the changes needed in your swing or whether you are swinging efficiently. You may come to us to fix your full swing, and we can do that. We hope you'll be thrilled when you get so much more than that!

You come to us because you want to strike the ball better, pitch it closer and make putts. This can't happen if we don't first understand how you are performing in these critical areas.

1st Swing Blueprint Lesson

  • Movement screening that shows why you swing the way you do and clarifies your path to true improvement.
  • Our Swing Analysis will highlight the key points in your swing that you are losing efficiency and speed, This highlights the opportunity for tremendous improvement.
  • The Short game assessment gives you a score and a shot-by-shot report. You leave knowing which distances you can improve at.
  • Putting Skills Test highlights what putts are currently a challenge giving you the knowledge to focus on what will lead to the fastest improvement.
  • To cap off this information-packed session you will receive a copy of Your Golf Blueprint which will detail all of the keys to playing your best golf and having a great time on the course.

Session 2: Take action on what you learned.

  • 15 Minutes of Training with a Certified Golf Movement Specialist, so you can improve your Fundamental movements that are most crucial to improving the efficiency of your swing. This session also leaves your body feeling great and ready for your lesson.
  • 30 Minute Golf Lesson where you'll work on implementing the changes that will make your swing more efficient helping you to hit the ball straighter and longer and enjoy your round more. All but guaranteeing a look of complete shock from your friends when you outdrive them all day.

You can experience...

  • What it's like to outdrive your friends
  • the feeling of making more putts and seeing your score drop 5+ strokes a round
  • How it feels to move more efficiently so you're less tired during your round
  • Less pain/discomfort while swinging so you can play as much as you'd like.
  • Improved flexibility so you feel better and hit the ball farther

Limited Time Offer You can benefit from all of this for ONLY $200.

  • Fundament Movement Screen
  • Swing Analysis (Driver and Iron) so you can learn the main areas for improvement to hit the ball farther and with more accuracy
  • Short Game Assessment
  • Putting Skills Test
  • 15 Minutes of Fundamental Movement Training
  • 30 Minute Lesson on area of priority

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Don't Miss Out On...

  • Understanding your golf swing and how you can get better.
  • Curing your slice
  • Outdriving your friends
  • Building confidence on the course
  • Sinking more birdie putts
  • and most importantly enjoying the game more

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